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Tamaya 7x35 Sextant Scope Scope Only, Weems & Plath

Tamaya 7x35 Sextant Scope Scope Only, Weems & Plath

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The quality of this sextant has been proven in many years of use by ocean-going navigators. Its optical system is designed to ensure maximum performance with a full 57mm index mirror. Interchangeable telescopes available in 4x40mm or 7x35mm. Features a special rubber eye protector and full illumination of both the arc and drum. The sextant can be stored in the fitted case with either scope mounted.


Measuring Range: -5 to 125.

Accuracy: +/- 10 seconds.

Telescopes: 4x40mm: angle of view 7, relative brightness 100. 7x35mm: angle of view 6.5, relative brightness 25.

All optics are fully coated.

Frame: Lightweight die cast aluminum alloy with corrosion resistant black finish. Bronze arc.

Vernier Scale: reads to 0.2'.

Index Mirror: 57x42mm. Aluminized on the rear side.

Horizon Mirror: 57mm diameter.

Shades: 4 for index mirror. 3 for horizon mirror. One special shade glass and one Polaroid glass for eyepiece of telescope.

Weight: 4 lbs.

Carrying Case: Molded plastic, with two slide locks.

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Tamaya 7x35 Sextant Scope Scope Only, Weems & Plath