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Nautical Trivia,</br>The Sailing Board Game

Nautical Trivia,
The Sailing Board Game

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This exciting nautical game combines the America's Cup and Trivial Pursuit© into one game for the sailing enthusiast. Nautical Trivia is designed with challenging nautical trivia questions; use your maritime knowledge to move the sailboat marker through the racecourse around Bermuda. Add in the chance cards which simulate sailing elements such as changing winds, changing tides, and tacking and the game becomes unpredictable, just like real sailboat racing. This is a very fun board game for both the experienced sailor or a novice who dreams of the sea. Get one to keep on board for those days you're stuck in port. This also makes a terrific holiday gift!

Nautical Trivia is played with one player (captain) for each sailboat. Or, groups may divide into crews for each boat and choose a captain. Two, three or four sailboats may compete in a race. Since the players design the racecourse the game can be a little different each time you play.

The game includes:
  • Game Board with beautiful nautical graphics
  • 576 challenging Trivia Questions
  • Jolly Roger Cards
  • Treasure Chest Card
  • Low Tide Tales
  • Four Pewter Sailboats
  • One Pewter Lighthouse Finish Marker
  • One Cube
  • Sand Tide Timer
  • Wind Rose Spinner
Nautical Trivia has been given rave reviews by Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Cruising World Magazine, Sailing Magazine, Yachting World Magazine, Sailing World Magazine, Northern Breezes, Offshore Magazine and Latitudes & Attitudes. Made in the USA.

Nautical Trivia,</br>The Sailing Board Game
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Nautical Trivia,
The Sailing Board Game