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Deluxe Custom Crafted American Lighthouse

Deluxe Custom Crafted American Lighthouse

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This “American” Lighthouse was inspired by intense patriotism following the September 11 attacks. The designers at The Lighthouse Man felt compelled to create a lighthouse to showcase their love of country. Wayzata Nautical is proud to offer this remarkable Deluxe Custom Crafted model featuring the colors and themes of our American flag. Not only is pride of workmanship evident, this beautiful lighthouse was made right here in the USA! What a great focal point for your nautical garden! The lighthouse was meticulously handcrafted from synthetic stucco and masonry over a solid foam core, making it virtually impervious to the elements. Each piece is hand painted using industrial marine paint for a durable, long lasting finish. This Deluxe Custom Crafted model includes real decorative windows complete with beautiful patriotic curtains and a highly detailed six panel door. The American Deluxe Custom Lighthouse is illuminated by a soft, continuous light. Visit our accessories section if you are interested in upgrading to a blinking, revolving or solar powered beacon. This model is available in both 5’ and 8’ heights. The price of the 5’ includes free shipping. The 8’ will be charged additional freight as it cannot be shipped via UPS. Please contact Wayzata Nautical for a shipping quote.

Due to the custom nature of these products Wayzata Nautical does not accept returns for this item. No exceptions.

Deluxe Custom Crafted American Lighthouse
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Deluxe Custom Crafted American Lighthouse