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BESTSELLER:  Decorative 45" Rope Ladder

BESTSELLER: Decorative 45" Rope Ladder

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Item #:RL-002
List Price:$43.95
A ship's rope ladder makes a great addition to any nautical themed decor. Rope ladders were traditionally used on ships because storage space was typically extremely tight aboard vessels. You might imagine swashbuckling adventures with sailors and pirates fighting each other as they climb up and down the ship's rope ladders. This actually takes a great deal of skill, as climbing a moving rope ladder requires strength, agility and coordination. With our decorative 45" Rope Ladder you can add that adventureous nautical touch to your boat, home or bar. Please be aware that we suggest this item be used for decorative purposes only.

Dimensions: 45" L x 16" W

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BESTSELLER: Decorative 45" Rope Ladder