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BESTSELLER:  19" Wooden Brown Pelican on a Post

BESTSELLER: 19" Wooden Brown Pelican on a Post

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Item #:WW-22
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"I cannot tell, can only hint, the things that darted through me then. But at last I awoke, and turning, asked a sailor what bird was this." Our Wooden Brown Pelican on a Post will be a welcoming sight in any nautical collection! Pelicans are a sure sign that you are near the water. For use outdoors we strongly recommend coating with polyurathane.

Measures 19" tall (including both the pelican and piling), the piling measures 6" in diameter; weighs approximately 6 pounds.

I was looking for a bird that looked real and was able to be outdoors. I called, you answered my questions and I placed my order with you.  It was so fast and simple! I like a company that has great customer service and speedy delivery! My pelican is sitting pretty on my front door step, everyone asks me where I got it. I am very pleased with my shopping experience with your company!
Happy boating!
Darrel L. NJ

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BESTSELLER: 19" Wooden Brown Pelican on a Post